My new hobby – becoming a billionaire

My new hobby is a nice simple one; becoming a billionaire over, oooh I’d say the next ten years or so. I’ll settle for half a million over the first six months or so!

I’ve decided to become the next George Soros, you see, through trading the international foreign exchanges or “Forex”.

It should be quite easy to get myself up to a billion because apparently, 1.8 trillion US dollars are traded each and every trading day on the foreign exchange market; making it by far the world’s largest trading market.

So I reckon I’ll be able to get my share pretty quickly. All I need to do is decide how the world’s major international currencies are going to move against each other over the next few years and place my bets accordingly right? It’s the same principle as finding a few 10-1 winners in horse races in a row; the winners are all in the line-up; you just need to decide which they are before the race!

Away, I’m going to get started with a $100 free Forex bonus, and then I can take the first step on the road to my billion dollars without any risk.

There are lots of Forex trading companies out there that provide Forex tutorials to explain to complete beginners like me how to get going. First off, you need to get a good grip on the basic Forex terminology and the main currency pairings and how they are quoted.

The man currencies are the US dollar, British pound, the Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian and Australian dollars and the Swiss franc.

You also need to get a handle on what leverage (speculating on the marginal currency differences) is all about as well as the spreads (the provider company margins) and Pips (percentage in points) are all about – and the different orders you can make.

Anyway, watch this space and move over George Soros. I’m on my way!

This article was written by David – a keen financial blogger. He has started to branch out recently in the trading world and is always looking for a great forex bonus to help him along!

Attempting to get free

To me, gaining my financial freedom is one of the most important things in life. But I haven’t achieved it yet. I’ve decided that turning in at the office every day on what is supposed to be a nine to five existence, to coin the cliché, but is actually much more like a 9.20 (running late!) to 6.30 (because everyone else is still there trying to impress) working day.

This isn’t life. I don’t love my job in the way that others do – who I envy deeply, but nor do I hate it; I simply tolerate it. But it’s certainly no more than a means to an end.

My problem, though, is that I’m something of a generalist without specific skills. I earn a reasonable salary, but I doubt my ability to get back I at the same level should I decide to take the kind of career break I desperately crave.

So I’m stuck in it for now, with various financial commitments, but I’m determined to break out.

I’m living as cost-effectively as I can, saving and investing every penny I can, but am simultaneously concerned that my best years are passing me by whilst I’m stuck in a  dull office-based routine, without sufficient time to pursue the many hobbies and interests I would do if  I had the time.

So I’ve been taking a long hard look at myself and have decided to try my hand at Forex trading to see if I can make progress towards financial independence quickly, to free me up from the daily boring grind.

Forex is the world’s largest market by far, and there is loads of advice on the web about strategies to follow and the best software to help your trading efforts. I’m aware of the risks and have set aside a sum of money I can afford to lose in its entirety – but hope not to. Instead, I hope it leads to a little more freedom – so wish me luck!

This article was written by David – a keen financial blogger. He always tries to keep up to date with the latest forex and trading news to try to stay ahead of the game.